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Filling bottles & jars

Filling and using containers and tools

  • Leave a small portion unfilled in all containers to allow for temperature or pressure expansion.
  • If you don't travel too often fill your containers with just enough for your current trip. Most makeup and fragrance can become rancid or expire within months.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner tend to form bubbles and can be messy when pouring from a larger bottle to one of the squeeze bottles. Pour slowly and use a spatula to pop the bubbles and clean up any spillage along the side of the bottle.

Jars - these are best used for gels, lotions and items that are not extremely liquid. Liquids can sometime spill over the edge through the lid and make a mess. Cleaning the ridges of the lid helps. It is best to use the squeeze bottles for liquid products.

Bottles and Tubes - get to the bottom of bottles with the longer bamboo spatula. When you can't squeeze anything more out of a tube either unscrew the cap (if applicable) or cut the bottom of the tube and scoop out the remainder of the contents into a small clean container.It may help to leave the closed container on it's side or upside down in a glass for a few hours prior.

Disposable - the containers and tools are meant to be disposable. We recommend replacing containers and tools once they've been used. If you will be using them more than once, wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid before using them again.